© Lade’s Internet Service, Inc. 2017 Services Web Site Design We have designed over 350 sites for large and small businesses since 1996.  These sites have a variety of objectives from "vanity plate" to full-blown E-Commerce with secure server.  Whatever your requirements, we will be able to provide you with a presence on the internet that meets your objectives. Web Site Maintenance We also provide timely maintenance of the site once it is completed.  Keeping your site up-to-date is of major importance in encouraging repeat visits.  We usually turn changes around within a 24 hour period if no major restructuring of the site is involved. Web Site Marketing A web site is of no use if it is not actively visited.  Lade's Internet Service provides on-line marketing (Search Engine Submissions, Search Engine Optimization Analysis, Banner Ads, and proactive email transmissions) to move customers to your web store front.  We also can provide Search Engine Position Reports to help you track the effectiveness of your market programs. Call Nancy at 239-772-1663 for further details. Web Site Hosting Lade's Internet Service provides dependable, cost-effective hosting service to insure that your website is on the Internet 24/7/365. Our reliability rate is one of the best in the business. Our Linux-based servers running Apache software is the standard of the industry. Secure servers are available for your E-commerce needs as well. Banner Design The placement of a banner linking to your website is a great way to market your Internet Presence. We will create a banner to your specifications at an economical price! To view some of our banner designs, Click Here! LADE’S INTERNET SERVICE, INC. 2941 S.W. 10th Place Cape Coral FL 33914 239-560-1631 E-Mail: support@boblade.com